Water Damage Repair And Your Insurance Claim


Tips On Handling Insurance Claims For Water Damage Repairs

Most homeowners file an insurance claim for storm damage repair, water extraction, board-up services because of water damage to the home. At any time pipes can burst, appliances may leak excessively and basements can become flooded. Damage may also occur to the home after a storm. Typically, it is after the need to file a claim for water damage repair or storm damage repair that most people find out what is – and what is not – covered in their home insurance policies. In most cases the damage is covered, but the cause of the damage is not.

home water damage restoration-Initial Steps for Water Damage Repair

For example, water damage repair for the carpet or tiling is covered in most policies, but you are responsible for repairing the dishwasher leak that may have caused the damage. Additionally, not all insurance policies pay for water removal services or board-up services. However, if a frozen pipe requires water damage repair, the broken pipe, your home and furnishings are covered. The need for storm damage repair can be devastating because of unforgiving weather. Restoration of damaged areas is required after water removal.

Water Removal Tips After A Home Flood – What Are The Costs Of Water Damage Repair?

Water damage repair and storm damage repair scenarios can help decipher the insurance policy, and determine if water removal or board-up services are covered. You should always be truthful when filing a claim, but using accurate language is just as important. The initial intake can affect the outcome of the claim. Panic can occur with a house full of water and you want immediate water removal services; however, do not report that your house is flooded if a storm or hurricane did not bring in the water. Water removal services are not covered. This is the insurance definition of a flood, and does not qualify as water damage repair from a broken pipe or leaky appliance.

Read what is in the policy to know whether or not water removal and board-up services are covered if the water damage repair or storm damage repair is delayed for more than 24 hours. For example, if your water pipes burst after the temperature drops below freezing, you are covered for water damage repair. However, if the house was empty and the heat was turned off, the insurance will not pay for water damage repair, water removal services or board-up services.

Storm damage repair is necessary if you have hail damage to the roof. Further damage may occur if you do not call for board-up services to cover broken windows and holes. Save receipts from the storm damage repair and board-up services you paid for to show the insurance company. Board-up services provide temporary fixes until the extensive storm and or water damage repair is completed.Click here to read Water Damage Restoration, Water Removal Methods and Water Remediation Techniques reviews



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